WWE Star Fired After Bathroom Photos revealed

WWE Star Fired After Bathroom Photos revealed

WWE Star Fired After Bathroom Photos revealed


WWE Superstars have to abide by a code of proper decency and respect each other no matter what. However, it seems there have been rumors of a recent incident in the WWE locker room.

A new report has provided more details on rumors of indecent behaviour backstage in WWE. The rumors that have been floating around stated that WWE wrestler has been hiding a phone in a bathroom.

According to a report by the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, the incident seems to have taken place at a party several years ago and it was not on WWE property.

There was a story going around this past week regarding a wrestler who had hidden a phone as a camera in a bathroom and that a talent found the phone and found “less than savory” files stored. The story got out this week and people thought it was something recent in the WWE dressing room. It was actually something at a party several years ago at the residence of a wrestler who is not with the company (not related to this at all) and as far as the person who owned the phone and was doing so, a number of wrestlers have known this story for years but it wasn’t until fairly recently that management found out the story when a major star went to management and that wrestler is also no longer with the company.


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