WWE Raw results, grades: T-Bar and Mace unmasked and Randy Orton Stuns

WWE Raw results, grades: T-Bar and Mace unmasked and Randy Orton Stuns

WWE Raw results, grades: T-Bar and Mace unmasked and Randy Orton Stuns



WWE superstars Drew McIntyre and Mace on Raw

Former RETRIBUTION members T-Bar and Mace got unmasked as WWE stepped up their game on last night’s Raw after the post-WrestleMania episode left a bit to be desired.

The show started with Drew McIntyre hitting the ring and calling out MVP as he accused him of setting up last week’s attack at the hands of the towering duo.

Bobby Lashley’s associate came out and addressed the streamlining of the Hurt Business and insisted there was no need for him to enlist the two stars when the WWE Champion has already got the job done on his own.

He urged McIntyre to expect the unexpected, while claiming T-Bar and Mace are not associated with himself or the All Mighty, although they did come to MVP’s rescue as Lashley’s rival approached.

Once again, the double chokeslam laid him out, but the pair simply walked past MVP and headed backstage.

After Drew got in Adam Pearce’s ear, the WWE official agreed to let him fight the two stars in a handicap match, which was decent for what it was and allowed them the chance to look more of a threat that they have in months.

In the end, their double team attacks caused a disqualification, and the continued beatdown led to Braun Strowman making the save in a slightly bizarre twist.

We came back to a tag team match, which again ended in a DQ when McIntyre took off Mace’s mask and smacked him with it, while Braun then tore off T-Bar’s mask before the duo celebrated on the ramp.

It remains to be seen if they will keep their RETRIBUTION names or finally go back to being Dio Maddin and Dominik Dijakovic, but you’d hope this is a sign that WWE realises how special these stars (especially the latter) really are.

Charlotte Flair gets suspended, Riddle pins Randy Orton and Alexa Bliss introduces Lilly

In the opening match of the night, The Viking Raiders met Cedric Alexander and Shelton Benjamin in the ring for the second week in a row, and in a pleasant twist the latter team looked much stronger than the previous bout.

It’s strange to not totally build on last week’s dominating victory, but Erik and Ivar getting the win again was still the right call.

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Randy Orton has become something of a grumpy old man, and him demanding a match with Riddle – who annoyed him by riding by on his scooter during a backstage interview – despite not knowing who he is was a brilliant touch.

The match itself was fantastic, with good chemistry between them in the ring and backstage, and the Apex Predator has continued his amazing run after somehow hitting a new level at this stage of his already admirable career.

Riddle stole the win with a crucifix pin reversal for the RKO, and you’d expect the feud to continue from here.

Naomi and Lana versus Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler started well but quickly descended into the kind of nonsense that has plagued the Women’s Tag Team Title scene in recent months, as Mandy Rose and Dana Brooke turned up and played embarrassing clips of Nia.

It caused a distraction and led to Naomi and Lana sneaking a win, but it also should be noted this feud started with Jax making fun of Mandy for slipping at WrestleMania – a moment which has actually been edited out on the WWE Network now, so technically isn’t canon anymore.

Up next, Elias and Jaxson Ryker came out for a performance only to be interrupted by The New Day with Xavier Woods playing the bass, which led into a singles match between Elias and Kofi Kingston.

It was one of the musician’s best in-ring performances in a long time, and they actually worked well together before Elias hit a top rope elbow drop for the win.

Meanwhile, Alexa Bliss – and her new friend Lilly – put the women’s division on notice with an ominous warning, while the former champ showed doctored pictures of her childhood with the creepy doll by her side.

Elsewhere, Bad Bunny and Damian Priest had celebrated their WrestleMania win backstage, before Miz TV saw the host and his wife Maryse take credit for the Grammy Award-winning musician’s fame and sold-out world tour, before Damian Priest interrupted and eventually set up a match for tonight.

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They worked well together, with the Archer of Infamy thankfully picking up a much-needed singles win here, and hopefully he’ll be able to move over into the United States Title picture sooner rather than later.

Speaking of the US Title, champion Sheamus had chatted to Adam Pearce as the latter suggested bringing back John Cena’s open challenge for the gold, which the Celtic Warrior wasn’t totally sold on.

Instead, he issued a non-title open challenge which Humberto Carrillo accepted, only to be left battered and bruised before the match even started.

Finally, Charlotte Flair had delivered another strong promo earlier in the night as she blasted the women backstage as ‘rats’, with Asuka and Raw champ Rhea Ripley eventually interrupting and leading to our main event.

The Queen and the Empress of Tomorrow rekindled their rivalry in a strong match which ended when the Nightmare caused Charlotte to break the Figure Eight while the referee was otherwise occupied.

After the bell, Flair attacked the official and wouldn’t stop, which has since led to her being fined $100,000 and ‘suspended indefinitely’.

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