SAD NEWS: Legendary Hall of Fame wrestler passes away at age 63

SAD NEWS: Legendary Hall of Fame wrestler passes away at age 63

SAD NEWS: Legendary Hall of Fame wrestler passes away at age 63

Legendary WWE wrestler Scott Hall has passed away at the age of 63 due to a complication from a recent surgery that ended the wrestling icon’s life.

Hall, who was also known as Razor Ramon, was placed on life support last Sunday due to multiple heart attacks stemming from a blood clot following complications resulting from his planned hip surgery that he underwent.

Confirmation of Hall’s death came at the start of the Raw broadcast and then on Twitter they sent the following message

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“WWE is saddened to learn that two-time WWE Hall of Famer Scott Hall has passed away. WWE extends its condolences to Hall’s family, friends and fans.”

Perhaps the greatest contribution of this wrestler, who was twice elected to the WWE Hall of Fame was the creation of the New World Order in 1996 hand in hand with the also legendary Hulk Hogan, who together revolutionized the industry of this spectacle sport.

According to his great friend, also wrestler Kevin Nash, when his loved ones arrived at the hospital, they tried to take him off life support to say goodbye to his closest family members and within hours he was pronounced dead.

Before the great fame he had in the last decade of the second millennium and the first of the third millennium, Hall began his career in the 80s, with brief stints in organizations such as the WWF and WCW, in addition to his success in the AWA.

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His big leap to stardom came in 1992 when he signed a permanent position with the aforementioned Razor Ramon in the WWF.

In addition to that, perhaps his crowning moment came at WrestleMania X, when he fought alongside Shawn Michaels in one of the greatest matches of all time.

Hall, despite his successes, always struggled with drug and alcohol addictions.


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