Ronaldo fan claims Messi’s outstanding calendar year record was overrated

Ronaldo fan claims Messi's outstanding calendar year record was overrated

Check Story: Ronaldo fan claims Messi’s outstanding calendar year record was overrated


Lionel Messi created history when he scored 91 goals in 2012 – the Argentine broke the legendary Gerd Muller’s long-standing record in the process as the player with the most goals in a calendar year.

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Messi’s historic year is considered to be one of the greatest sporting feats of all time – however, according to a Cristiano Ronaldo fan account on Twitter, the achievement was ‘overrated’.

We won’t bore you with the full details of the thread as the attempt to belittle the unprecedented achievement is embarrassing, to say the least. The user got ripped apart by fans in the replies and it wasn’t just Barcelona supporters who were laughing at this thread!

It’s fair to assume that this user will not be trying to discredit any more of Messi’s achievements in the near future!

According to reliable outlet Mundo Deportivo, Barcelona will have a ‘final meeting’ this week to get ready for Eric Garcia’s signing.

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The centre-back is reportedly close to completing a move to the La Liga giants.

The only agreement lacking is the player’s signing bonus, which still needs to be decided by the board.

Garcia’s contract with Manchester City expires at the end of this season and he will be able to join Barca on a free deal.

The youngster recently remained coy on his future, stating that he’s currently focused on the national team.


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