Former Hearts of Oak striker makes delightful revelation on the fight to stop hooliganism

Former Hearts of Oak striker makes delightful revelation on the fight to stop hooliganism

Former Hearts of Oak striker makes delightful revelation on the fight to stop hooliganism


This is nothing but the truth, it is coming from the horse own mouth. If the frog in the river is telling you that the crocodiles is dead, who are to challenge it. The former Accra Hearts of Oak striker Don Mahatma Otoo have for the GFA President E.S Kurt Okraku.

I think it’s high time the GFA Kurt E.S. Okraku put strict measures in place to stop this from happening again before it gets out of hand. I remember the same thing happening to me at the same venue, the supporters of Berekum Arsenal attached me, beat me and took the match ball from me at the end of the match because I had scored brace against them.

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It was a very bad experience at that time so I know how coach Ernest Thompson of Dwarfs is feeling now. Say No to hooliganism in football before it kills the beauty of our game.

The thing about the average Ghanaian football fan is that they hardly pay attention to the rules. Heck, I will go as far as saying most of these hooligans do not even know the rules and how they are to be interpreted. As for the distinction between interpreting rules in the spirit of the law and the letter of the law, it is an issue that can cause a migraine so I will not stretch things that far.

It can be confusing even for journalists. So it is not surprising that even the most incontrovertible calls are met with abuse by these fans.

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If anything will happen then the GFA is supposed to be blame for that matter. Because a lot of report and charges have gone to their door step but has decided not to be serious on that. This started from the former convicted GFA President and if it’s still continues then the security system by Kurt’s administration is very weak and needs to be strong enough. Ghana FA Executive Committee member says it has been a mix of hooliganism and biased officiating against his club especially in their away matches and wants the GFA to act quickly to save the game. Anim Addo believes his club as well as other clubs are suffering from this negativity and hopes a report against such referees will be a step in ending such cruelty. “I am a witness to the violence and abuse at match centres. My club Young Apostles has suffered a lot of bad treatment at our games. It is difficult not to think it is a deliberate attempt,” he told Nhyira FM.

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