AJ Styles & John Morrison ‘Removed’ From Raw

AJ Styles & John Morrison ‘Removed’ From Raw

AJ Styles & John Morrison ‘Removed’ From Raw


Wow, we have seen a lot of superstars missing from Raw lately. We didn’t see Bobby Lashley tonight and if that weren’t enough of a huge name being absent, AJ Styles and John Morrison were also not seen tonight. To add even more fuel to the fire of missing superstars, Omos and Reginald were also not in attendance. What is going on behind the closed doors of WWE and should we be worried? AJ Styles & Omos ‘Pulled’ From WWE Raw.

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On the April 19th episode of Monday Night Raw, we saw Drew McIntyre completely trash Bobby Lashley’s name. When we thought Lashley would be coming out, we saw MVP in his place instead with no mention on where Lashley was for the episode.

AJ Styles, John Morrison, Omos, and Reginald were also all absent on Raw. There’s no current details on why all of these superstars are missing, but Reginald was off the air for the second week in a row most likely due to Covid-19 guidelines as Reginald stated that he was sick on Twitter when asked by Amale. Reginald replied to Amale stating “Malade” which translates to “sick”.


WWE have a strict guideline that they follow which mentions that if a superstar is sick, has come in contact with Covid, or has Covid, that they must quarantine for fourteen days. It’s unclear where AJ, Omos, Lashley, and Morrison are, but we believe these are just storyline absentees


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