21/06/21 WWE Raw Results Making Money in Hell

21/06/21 WWE Raw Results Making Money in Hell

21/06/21 WWE Raw Results Making Money in Hell


We began RAW with the entrance of MVP, Bobby Lashley, and their entourage. Looks like we’re beginning the show with a championship celebration. MVP and Lashley wanted to boast about the beating Lashley gave to McIntyre last night. Then MVP brought out the champagne to toast The All Mighty.

Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods walked down the entrance ramp with a cart. On the cart happened to be toast! Kingston and Woods wanted to bring their own contribution to toast Lashley with, so they began throwing pieces of toast at the ring!

Lashley and MVP were frustrated at The New Day’s nonsense. MVP actually said that things like they were pulling tonight are reasons why they (specifically Kingston) sat in the back and watched Hell in a Cell last night. He called Kingston a clown and then went on to say that once they get back on the road, The New Day will just be playing video games and cosplaying.

MVP thought that he had brought the conversation to a close, but Kingston said they weren’t leaving just yet. Kingston said it is well documented that he surrounds himself with friends and family (ya know the people he trusts) unlike people that will toss you to the side when the well runs dry. He then questioned Lashley on if he thought that MVP and the ladies would stick by him when Kingston beats him for the WWE Championship.

Lashley said he wouldn’t have to worry about that because he is not going to lose the championship to someone like Kingston. According to Lashley there is a hierarchy and The New Day are at the bottom.

Kingston then reminded Lashley and MVP of how he won the WWE Championship from Daniel Bryan. He also reminded them of how he defeated Lashley last month. After showing footage from that match, Kingston said Bob Lashley did not have an opponent for Money in the Bank so he threw out the challenge.

Lashley quickly accepted the match. He wants a straight-up 1 on 1 match at the PPV though. Then Lashley challenged Woods to a match tonight! Woods said that Lashley and MVP are a part of a long line of old school mentality. While they may not see Woods on the same level as Kingston and Big E, Woods has a list of accolades himself. He told Lashley to continue to underestimate him and then accepted the match. Woods then made the match… HELL IN A CELL!

Returning from break the match between Lashley and Woods is confirmed to be in the Cell!

As AJ Styles and Omos made their entrance to the ring, we saw footage of their confrontation with The Viking Raiders from earlier in the day. Styles said the Raiders looked to be riding high after their victory last week. Then he said compared to them, they were zeroes. Styles then changed his mind and called them nothing. Ivar said their victory last week was phenomenal. Styles invited them to watch his match with Ricochet tonight to see a real raid. He then hit the turkey leg out of Ivar’s hand….bad move dude.

After that Ricochet made his entrance. During his entrance we got to hear a promo from the One and Only. He said that he knows how hard it can be to compete for the WWE Championship, but he is ready. There are a lot of people out there looking for the opportunity to become Mr. Money in the Bank, but he’s willing to do whatever it takes.

Ricochet defeated AJ Styles via Pinfall (Recoil)

Ricochet has now qualified for the Money in the Bank ladder match in what could be called an upset. The match didn’t begin so great for Ricochet as he went for a moonsault to the outside and Styles caught him. Styles did seem to have control for most of the match, but Ricochet found ways to fight back with a few Northern Lights Suplexes.

In the end Styles got distracted by the presence of The Viking Raiders who attacked Omos at ringside! Styles was getting ready to hit a Phenomenal Forearm when the chaos began. Omos went to run at The Viking Raiders, but they moved and he went right through the barricade! By the time Styles went for the forearm, Ricochet had recovered and hit Styles with the Recoil!

After the match we saw Randy Orton preparing for his match backstage, when Riddle scooted up. Riddle had a bunch of new RKBro merch and was so excited that they both have an opportunity to be in Money in the Bank. He said if he wins the briefcase he will bring it everywhere he goes and hold his stash….his stash of whoopers in it. Apparently Riddle is freaked out by the Burger King. Orton wanted Riddle to get to his point of being there.

Riddle was hoping to get advice from Orton on how to win Money in the Bank or if he has pointers. Orton told him to just stay out of his way, which is probably the best piece of advice. Riddle then realized that if they are both in the ladder match it would be hard to stay out of his way, but thought it would be awesome if they were both in the match. Orton stared him down and said it wouldn’t be awesome for Riddle.

Returning from break we saw a recap of Eva Marie’s return last week and her mysterious partner who actually wrestled.

Then Eva Marie was interviewed about last week’s events. She said it had been five years since she had stepped in a WWE ring and everything needed to be perfect. Eva said she had gotten a manicure, but unfortunately she caught a cold and proceeded to fake cough. While she knew the WWE Universe was just dying to see her, she still showed up and sent out her protege. Piper Niven tried to introduce herself when the interviewer asked for information about her, but Eva interrupted. We can see Niven mouth “Piper” while Eva tries to remember her name, but instead Eva said she was Doudrop.

Naomi and Asuka defeated Eva Marie and Piper Niven (Doudrop) via Pinfall to qualify for the Women’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match

Although Eva Marie was in the ring to start the match, she quickly tagged out to let Niven do all the work. Eva then dropped down from the apron to watch the match. Niven was doing really well and was looking to put the match away when Eva tagged herself back into the match.

Eva went for the pin on Naomi but didn’t get the 3 count! She was shocked. Then she went to tag Niven back in, but Niven dropped down from the apron in defiance! Panic began to set in and Eva was not paying attention. Naomi caught her from behind and that was that.

After the match we saw highlights from the RAW Women’s Championship match at Hell in a Cell. Before we went to commercial, we saw Sonya Deville and Adam Pearce walking backstage.

When we returned from break Pearce and Deville were in the ring. They said they were out there to discuss an incident that occurred last night. Deville then asked for Rhea Ripley to join them in the ring, said she knew they were going to summon her. Pearce then told her that what she did last night at Hell in a Cell was completely unacceptable. Ripley didn’t understand what he was talking about. Deville and Pearce then spelt it out for her: the championship can only change hands with a pinfall or submission and last night she got herself intentionally disqualified.

Ripley said it seems like the rules apply to her and not Charlotte Flair. She went on to say that she has seen Flair break the rules over and over again for so long. Last night she only did what Flair would have done if she was champion. Of course Pearce pointed out that Flair is not the champion right now.

Enter Charlotte Flair.

Not yet is what you mean Adam.” Flair went on to say that she isn’t mad at Ripley for her actions last night, in fact, she is proud of her. Last night Ripley proved to Flair that she is smarter than she thought, clever even. Flair said she is still going to destroy her.

Deville said if that is her way of asking for a rematch, she will grant her one. So at Money in the Bank it will once again be Ripley versus Flair.

We then saw footage of the Women’s Tag Team Champions, Tamina and Natalya stop a photo shoot for an interview. They then halted the interview because Mandy Rose and Dana Brooke were being loud training in the ring. Deja vu. In basically the opposite of what happened last week, Brooke and Rose wound up taking out the champions!

John Morrison defeated Randy Orton via Pinfall (Starship Pain) to qualify for the Men’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match


After Orton had been dealing with The Miz using “the drip stick” on him, Riddle decided to scoot down to the ring and try to be of assistance. Orton did not appreciate Riddle’s presence, as Orton was still in control of the match even with Miz trying to distract. In fact Riddle’s presence just caused Orton to lose focus and Morrison took advantage.

After seeing what happened in Shayna Baszler’s match with Alexa Bliss from last night, we went backstage. Baszler, Nia Jax, and Reginald were stopped for an interview. Jax explained that Reginald knows what happened last night won’t happen again. Baszler said no one in the locker room scares her and no one will stop them from qualifying for the Money in the Bank ladder match. But the tag team partners agreed that something is different about Alexa.

Then Alexa Bliss made her entrance to the ring with new music. After her entrance we went to another commercial break.

When we returned from break we were told about Titus O’Neil’s nomination for the Muhammad Ali Sports Humanitarian Award at the Espys.

Then we saw Nikki Cross backstage. She had a new look, a superhero mask. Cross talked about how the last few weeks have been for her and wanting to show off the new spark that is inside of her. Then she talked about how we all share the same positivity and wants to represent what we all have inside of us. The camera panned back and well, Cross is now a full on superhero.

Nikki Cross and Alexa Bliss defeated Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler via Pinfall to qualify for the Women’s MITB Ladder Match

I honestly was a tad confused on Cross’ sudden gear change that I was distracted for a bit of this match. Cross and Bliss did used to be best friends and former tag team champions, but after everything that has happened between them it is odd to pair them together. No matter how odd it may be, they still could work well together.

Jax and Baszler seemed to not be on the same page with each other from even before the bell rang. We did see Bliss attempt to control Reginald again, which had Baszler and Jax running to snap him out of it, so there was some teamwork. In the end after some good tags by Cross and Bliss, they were able to capitalize on an argument between Jax and Baszler.

Backstage Adam Pearce and Sonya Deville walked up to Drew McIntyre. They wanted to see how McIntyre was doing after last night and make sure he actually was okay to compete tonight. McIntyre said he of course is beaten up, but he’s already in hell so he might as well keep going. He is not going to surrender and after tonight he will be on his way to the Money in the Bank ladder match.

Upon returning from break Pearce and Deville hear a bit of commotion, so they go find out what’s going on. They discover Jinder Mahal, Cedric Alexander, Sheamus, and Jeff Hardy arguing with each other about who should have been awarded a qualifying match for Money in the Bank.

Deville said she understood where they were coming from, but the qualifying matches are final. This got Sheamus to go on about how he is the United States Champion and should have just been awarded a spot. Pearce asked if his nose is healed and he can defend his championship then. Sheamus retracted all of his statements and ran off saying he needed to talk to the doctor.

Riddle defeated Drew McIntyre via Pinfall to qualify for the Men’s Money in the Bank ladder match

Another upset it seems! While McIntyre went through hell last night, he did not take it easy in this match. McIntyre still pulled off some brutal hits and took some good shots from Riddle. While Randy Orton did decide to come and watch the match from the entrance ramp, he did not get involved.

Riddle was thrilled that Orton wanted to watch his match and seemed to find another gear. He dodged a Claymore Kick and turned it into a submission attempt. Later he hit McIntyre with some pretty vicious knees. In the end even after the Glasgow Kiss, Riddle was able to counter an Electric Chair attempt into the final pinfall.

Bobby Lashley defeated Xavier Woods via Submission (The Hurt Lock)

Two nights of matches in Hell in a Cell did not seem to be an issue for Lashley. Woods did his best and came out of the gates quick with dropkicks to shock the champion, but Lashley put a quick end to his momentum.

Soon weapons were involved the first being a steel chair introduced by Lashley. Although Woods took a brutal shot first he was able to gain control of the chair and deliver some vicious shots of his own to the WWE Champion. Woods really showed that people shouldn’t underestimate him even though he lost the match.

After the match, MVP re-locked the cell and Kingston had to watch Lashley hook The Hurt Lock back on Woods and ram him into the cell multiple times.

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