10 Clubs With Longest Unbeaten Runs In Europe’s Top 5 Leagues.

10 Clubs With Longest Unbeaten Runs In Europe's Top 5 Leagues.

10 Clubs With Longest Unbeaten Runs In Europe’s Top 5 Leagues.


All the European Clubs in the top ten clubs with the longest unbeaten runs in the league played at least 37 games without losing any match. Arsenal and Chelsea are one of the greatest rivals in premier league, but both clubs have played unbeaten in 40 or more games. In those seasons, both arsenal and chelsea won the premier league. Unbeaten run helps a particular team to win title of finish in top three spot.

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During the early 1990s, AC Milan Dominated Serie-A from 1991 to 1993. There are the first and only team to play more than 55 games without losing a single match. Bayern Munich tried to break AC Milan Record from 2012 to 2014, but they were two games short of AC Milan figures. Both Arsenal And Juventus Have played 49 games unbeaten run in their respective leagues. The latest club that played over 35 games unbeaten is Liverpool. In that season, Liverpool also emerged as the premier league winners.

Here are the top 10 list;

1. AC MILAN (1991-1993) 58 games

2. BAYERN MUNICH (2012-2014) 53 games

3. ARSENAL (2003-2004) 49 games

4. JUVENTUS (2011-2012) 49 games

5. FC BARCELONA (2017-2018) 43 games

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6. NOTTINGHAM FOREST (1977-1978) 42 games

7. CHELSEA (2004-2005) 40 games

8. FIORENTINA (1955-1956) 40 games

9. REAL SOCIEDAD (1979-1980) 38 games

10. PERUGIA (1978-1979) 37 games

10. LIVERPOOL (2019-2020) 37 games

Perugia have set the same record with Liverpool, both teams didn’t lose a game in 37 league games. Chelsea and Fiorentina might be in separate leagues, but both players never lost a game in 40 league games in their respective leagues. Barcelona went on 19 games unbeaten streak in La liga before Real Madrid ended it last night with 2-1 victory at Santiago Bernabeu.

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